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Partner Spotlight: Grow Your Business through Collaboration with Co-Business Owners with Nicholas Bayerle from The Kings Brotherhood


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Hey, thanks for tuning in to another Partner Interview at AccountsBalance.

My name is Connor Gillivan. I’m the CMO and an Owner of AccountsBalance.

We’re on a mission to help 1,000+ businesses better understand their numbers, and industry partnerships is a big way that we’re able to make it happen.

We’re all about creating win-win partnerships where we are able to grow with other companies in the agency, SAAS, and online space.



In this exclusive interview, we interview Nicholas Bayerle from The Kings Brotherhood

He is married to his beautiful wife for 11 years, featured in Forbes, speak on the same stages as people like Tony Robbins Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, Lewis Howes and Russell Brunson, have been on the cover of 2 magazines and ranked Top 30 entrepreneur under 30. They started their first business together and thought they were going to become millionaire success stories in the first year, but instead ended up losing everything, went into debt and become a carpet cleaner to provide..

He personally made $1200.00 a month for 2 1/2 years as they tried to figure out and muster the strength to start a Business again. It wasn’t until he discovered the power of this equation: CAPACITY x CLIMATE = CURRENT RESULTS… (C3)

Then his life changed… now he realizes that he went through hell to gain freedom, and aims help other Businessmen do the same in record time.

We hope that you enjoy the interview and that it brings value to you as an eCommerce business owner.


Connor: Hey Nicholas, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here. We love getting to know our partners better so that our community can benefit from what our partners are offering and doing in the industry. To get started, can you give us a high-level overview of The Kings Brotherhood and how it got started?


Nicholas:  When I left ministry and gotten to business, I went and learn from all the best business leaders in the world. I didn’t think there was any Christians out there that were doing well in business and if they were, are super old, already retired and had a ton of money.

I was looking for people that knew how to spend money on Facebook ads, how to build communities use social media, and I couldn’t find it so I learned from people that didn’t have integrity in their personal they knew how to build a business and make money.

When I realized when I would go to church and I connect to people that had faith, they had no clue what I did with over 50% of my time, because they couldn’t relate to me the things that I like, or the vision that I have, because they just weren’t a completely different areas of life.

When I go to the business world, they didn’t understand what I was doing inside of my faith journey, so it was like both of those areas were compartmentalized in my life and throughout building a business I realized there’s other Christians out there that felt the same exact way.

I created the king’s Brotherhood to have a place where they could grow spiritually as men in the areas that we can’t outsource which is health, relationships, business and faith, as well as on the business side of no compromise where they’re all building businesses and doing them really well and created the community that I never had so  I can live the life that I never had. I have no compromise not separating my faith and my business.


Connor: That’s awesome! Can you dive a bit more into the community you are nurturing? I’m sure our audience would love to know exactly what problems you could solve for them.


Nicholas: The community we’re nurturing is men have been for hundreds and 1000s of years actually collaborating together. We’re in a work environment now where everything is so coed that men never have a time where iron sharpens iron. We’re creating a space through live events through masterminds through retreats, and through weekly zoom style calls and private communities online to help them prosper and the four areas that no man can outsource which is faith.

Inside of your health, you can get a meal plan, but nobody can do the workouts for you. No one can make sure you’re not eating Reese’s in the middle of the night.

In your relationship, bad one one’s going to date your wife for you so you probably should get good at it that you can get relationship coaching your business no one’s gonna have the vision for you the vision that God’s put in your heart so you have to cast it build a team around it on how do you create money. How do you manage money and then how do you grow money and in your faith, you outsource the relationship with God.

These are the areas we cannot outsource as men or providing specific resources through events, masterminds, digital products coaching to help equip these men to prosper in those areas and and have it all in their life. Oh answer jumping off that was probably about savings for themselves best for your clients.

Many other companies they solve one problem for a whole different group of different people so you can have a software that there is someone from the teacher who has a side business all the way to the multi billionaire entrepreneur. For us, we’re looking for that one man and solving all the areas that we can’t outsource again is for us we specify in helping the men grow growing the man in the business that grows the business around the man not just focusing on the business outside of the man because the business will never outgrow the man


Connor:  Jumping off of that…if there was one problem you’d say that The Kings Brotherhood solves best for your clients, what would it be? Why?


Nicholas: Many other companies they solve one problem for a whole different group of different people so you can have a software that there is someone from the teacher who has a side business all the way to the multi billionaire entrepreneur. For us.

We’re looking for that one man and solving all the areas that we can’t outsource again is for us we specify in helping the men grow growing the man in the business that grows the business around the man not just focusing on the business outside of the man because the business will never outgrow the man. hey focus on the man in the business not just the business around the man.

We optimize the man and then equip them with the business tactics. In order to grow the business. That’s fine yeah, this is why everyone’s so afraid because everyone’s losing their city.

Connor: As company continues to grow over the next year, what are your plans for expansion and your products offerings enhancements current products services?


Nicholas: Currently, we serve people through high end mastermind retreats 12 month program and allow people to drop into those retreats we’re planning on doing is we’re using our free services like our show God’s business to expand the amount of people that we’re reaching by using the resources that our business makes to reach tons of people and change their lives, whether they buy from us or not. And then we’re planning on launching a lower end program.

That’s a virtual version of what we have now for a man that maybe doesn’t have the same size business, but maybe is like me and many others out there. That wanted to start a business felt that God called them to business, but they actually don’t have the place to go to develop the business to get around people that are successful since that’s the number one indicator of who you are is the people you surround yourself with. So we’re going to provide that at a lower ticket. That’s virtual future.


Connor: And how specifically would you say that The Kings Brotherhood and your team is different from other similar businesses in the industry?


Nicholas: Other men’s communities that are not specifically business focus. All of our men own a business. That’s number one. Number two, there are people out there that have Business Men’s communities. A lot of them are pounding their chest acting like they’re animals because they think we evolved from Caterpillar’s or three there are some that are business men and they talk about God.

We specifically as a community say that Jesus is Lord of our life and accept the power of His Holy Spirit to be able to impact what we’re doing and follow what the Bible says about biblically building a business and that’s our number one focus is building a biblical business focused on men building businesses and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to do so. Much different than other communities.

Online Business story we have something in our community called a three dimensional business. This is where you have a mission and vision that’s bigger than a product or service. And this is a place that you’re taking the community. Then you create products and services that solve the need or the problem of the mission.

So for us, we’re redefining what it means to be a businessman changing the dictionary definition where we believe that through transforming the men in our community and changing their households that will be the example that countries use on how they should change their country.

Because if you could change a house, that you change another house and you change lots of houses, you could change a city, maybe changes state, you could change your country, and so on and so forth. And we’re doing it from the ground up from our specific men that is our vision.

And so because of that we create products and services that serve those men, godly men that are in business that we’ve been called to serve. And third dimension is a way to give back or that’s ever a problem. So equip kids to already live this life before they get to us and hope for our side of business.


Connor: What made you decide to get involved in growing a community? What’s your starting online business story? From what we’ve found, a lot of business owners in the same space have fun stories of how they first started…


Nicholas: The reason that we got started and started building the community is really around my story of failure. So we teach these four dimensions. I was 60 pounds heavier, faithless, graduated with a 1.8 GPA from high school. I had no girlfriend for seven years. And even when I found faith last way, I thought I was going to die as a martyr at 30 unmarried I became married at 20 years old.

With no ability to be able to provide for my wife with no job and no business. I realized really quickly what areas I could outsource in my life, and what areas I couldn’t. I found that there’s those four dimensions that every man cannot outsource in their life. And that became my mission for myself and I started telling my own stories of my weight has my success stories, the way that I overcame, and started recognizing that that vision is what built the community. And when I built the community, I started building products and services to serve them.

As we built them and started generating revenue. We started giving back money and help other people do it, which has allowed us to sponsor 43,000 kids to go after school programs.


Connor: Love it! Talking more about the online business industry, where do you see it going in the next 1-2 years? Any unique predictions that you could share?


Nicholas:  All I see it doing is becoming bigger and some of the trends of today will be the opposite tomorrow. We saw a trend where there’s two reasons why people follow you. Either they want to be like you. Or they feel like they’re just like you. A lot of people take pictures in a Ferrari and it makes people want to be like them, which is great. And that’s how things started. And you have to have success. In order for people to actually trust that you’ve done something.

There’s the other side that I believe is more important, and it’s how I built my community is the guys realized that they’re just like me and it’s a lot easier to be a leader that way as well. So I just see more transparency happening in the business space as online. matures. And I see online business industry just actually solidifying itself more as a form of education, because kids right now will drop $50,000 to get educated in school to potentially get a job that they don’t even like or is it’s hard for them to drop $1,000 on a program that their parents will approve, because they think it’s a scam. which one sounds like the scam Coronavirus.


Connor: Giving you an open mic for a minute, what is something you’d want the AccountsBalance audience to hear?


Nicholas: Our biggest mess in your life when you overcome it can become your strongest message almost like your past can become your platform. And the things that you think will make people leave you and reject you are actually the things that will make them fall in love with you.

Because the only way for someone to fall in love with you more is for them to get to know you more and the only way for them to get to know you more is if you actually share more. You’re afraid to share because you think they’ll leave you and reject you it probably is the opposite of bookkeeping and accounting.


Connor: Changing gears a little bit…When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting, what do you think the biggest pain points for business owners are? Feel free to speak from personal experience as well.


Nicholas: Biggest pain points for business owners are feel free to speak from personal experience as well. As business owner you’re so focused on lead generation lead nurture sales process, deliverable retention, resell up sell, and ways to grow and expand the business coming up with new visions that it’s very difficult that it’s not in your skill set to do bookkeeping and accounting, and sometimes can feel like it’s a waste of time, but also you don’t know who you can trust or who’s going to be able to do the whole thing that you’re not good at already. So it’s good to have someone who’s educated knows how to do it was terrible sense.


Connor: As we close this out, I just have one more question. Where is the best place to find and follow you and the company online? Also, if you have one, is there any special offer that you’ll be offering to the community today?


Nicholas: I’ve blocked off my calendar for some of the guys that felt connected to this message to meet with Nicholas for a free 15-minute call

You can find my e-book at:

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