Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

First, we take the time to get to know your business so we can treat it as if it were our own. Here’s what makes us unique: 

  • We’re easy to work with, we’re process driven, and we’re reliable. We work hard so that bookkeeping isn’t a worry of yours and you have a system set up that you can trust and rely on for accurate books.
  • We have online expertise → all of our bookkeepers and accountants on staff specialize in online businesses. We understand the nuances of agencies, software companies, coaches, course owners, and many more and apply that expertise to all of our customer’s businesses. 
  • We take the time to understand your business and be a part of your team. With each customer, we dive into the details so we know exactly how to handle all of the different transactions that come through in your bookkeeping. With us, you’ll have a partner as opposed to just an outsourced service. 
  • We provide top level support and your own dedicated bookkeeping team → You’ll always receive fast responses, accurate information and resources to help you. Plus, you’ll always have a dedicated team that you can get to know and work with for the long run. 

During your free month, we’ll complete the bookkeeping for the previous month so you can see the quality of reporting and communication that you’ll receive each month. By the end of the free month, you’ll have a full set of monthly reports and you’ll be able to decide if working with us is the right move for your business.

If your business requires Catch Up or Clean Up work, the first month free will be applied to your first month of bookkeeping once your Catch Up and Clean Up work is completed. We’ll make this clear upfront when we provide you with your custom pricing quote. 

Something that’s unique about us is that we’ll work with you on any bookkeeping services you need handled (within reason). Here’s a list of our most popular services, but we can always add others if you need them.

  • Monthly bookkeeping in Quickbooks or Xero
  • Monthly reports (Income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow report) 
  • Year-end tax ready financial statements
  • Business specific sales and product reports
  • More reports → payroll breakdown, etc. 
  • AP and AR handling
  • Bill pay and handling vendor invoices
  • Tracking inventory
  • Running payroll
  • Bookkeeping Catch Up and Clean Up services

Your dedicated team will work hard to make sure that your monthly books will be completed and provided to you by the 15th of the following month. We also offer expedited bookkeeping services where you’ll receive your finalized books by the 10th of each month, if you’re interested in receiving them sooner. Being on time and consistent is a top priority for our entire team. While it rarely happens, if we’re ever late, we’ll make sure to let you know with plenty of advance notice so that it doesn’t negatively impact your business.

Yes, we absolutely can and we have options to hook you up with a great deal. If you’re behind on your books and need to be caught up, simply sign up and set up a call to speak with us about where your books are currently at and we’ll provide you with a custom estimate of how much it will cost to get you caught up. We’re not in the business of ripping any one off and will make sure to give you a reasonable price that works for your business.

As an AccountsBalance customer, you’ll get your own dedicated Bookkeeping team that will be working specifically on your account. You’ll be able to communicate with them directly and they’ll be the ones reaching out if there are any questions about your bookkeeping. We do our absolute best to make sure that our customers are able to develop a relationship with their bookkeeping team and that the team stays the same over the long run.

In order to get started, we require the following:

  • Electronic transaction and expense access
  • No commingling of personal expenses
  • 100% moral business…we reserve the right to reject working with any business that is not honest and moral in their practices. 

Once we have this information, we can quickly get started so that bookkeeping will be off your plate in no time. 

Yes, of course! We love answering questions and developing close relationships with all of our customers. Your support level will depend on the pricing that you choose when getting started with AccountsBalance, but we are always open to customizing our communication so that it best suits you and your business.

AccountsBalance aims to provide bookkeeping services to online companies generating sales over $250,000 per year and up to $20 million in sales per year. We have a strong focus and expertise on the online industry, such as digital agencies, SAAS companies, coaches and consultants, freelancers, course creators, and other service based businesses.

Yes, we can support international companies on a case by case basis for bookkeeping services. If you’re an international company, we’d love to have a discussion with you to learn more about your business. From there, we can let you know if it’s something we can take on or if you’re better off working with one of our recommended vendors. At this time, we do not offer any tax filing services for international companies.

To start, we offer all of our customers connections to 4 financial institutions and/or sales channels. We offer the option of adding additional connections for a flat fee that we explain further when we send you a custom pricing quote. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re concerned about the number of connections that you’ll need to set up to pull in all of your transactions.


Pricing is charged on a monthly basis or you can pay for the full year upfront and save on your total bill. We offer custom pricing for each client.  You can see how our pricing typically falls on our Pricing page on the website then we also offer different Add On services depending on how complex your online business is. After submitting your information for a custom pricing quote, we’ll reach out to learn more about your business and provide you with an estimate of what your total charges will be per month.

Accounts payable and Accounts receivable services are not included, but you can easily add it onto your services. We have a process for handling AP and AR for our customers and would be happy to handle it for you. Simply let us know upon signing up so we can work it into your monthly price.

We do our best not to increase prices for our customers. However, as our customers grow and have more transactions and further complexities to their business, it requires us to raise the monthly price every so often. For further details about what thresholds result in an increased monthly rate, please reach out to us and we’ll speak with you about it.

We’re reasonable business owners and we always make sure to hear out our customers. If there is a case where you’ve prepaid for an entire year of services and you want to cancel before the year is over, please reach out to us and we’ll work with you to find a mutually beneficial solution. We also offer monthly billing for those customers that want to go month by month instead of paying for a year upfront.

We do our best to not raise our prices on customers who have prepaid for an entire year. If your business drastically changes and it impacts our ability to service you, we will sit down with you for an honest conversation looking for a fair solution.

Yes, there can be one-time costs upfront that depend on where your bookkeeping currently is with your business. This could be in the form of Catch Up, Clean Up, or extensive Set Up work that’s needed to get your books to a place where we can handle them on a monthly basis. Once we fully understand your business and needs, we’ll provide you with a custom pricing quote with detailed information on what each part will cost.

Online Businesses

Online companies, such as agencies, software companies, coaches/consultants, course owners, and other service providers are unique in that they accept payments online through different payment processors. They can also use a variety of bank accounts and credit cards with their business. Finally, there may be multiple sales channels that need to distinguished in their books. Because of all of these reasons, it’s important to have a bookkeeper and accountant that understands the complexities of online companies.

Our customers sell across many different platforms and marketplaces online: Shopify, WordPress, Wix, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Square, among many other online channels and payment processors. 

AccountsBalance will make inventory updates in your financial statements every month, quarter, or biyearly as the information is provided to us. As we get started working together, we’ll dive deep into your inventory management to best understand how to obtain that data as we take on your bookkeeping.

On the backend, we’ll pull that information directly from your sales channels so we have accurate data. It will appear as a separate line item on your reports so you can see how much it’s costing per month.

Yes, we can break it down in your monthly Profit and Loss statement so it’s very clear where sales are coming from. 

Yes, we can create custom business reports for you based on your products and sales channels. At this time, you can easily upgrade and add it on to whichever monthly pricing you choose. Simply let us know this is important to you after you sign up and we’ll make sure to include it in your price estimate.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our team specializes in both cash and accrual accounting methods. Based on your wants and our initial conversations, we can decide together which method is best for your business as it continues to grow. We’re also happy to work with either accounting method based on your preferences.

We do not offer Profit First bookkeeping services at this time. While it may be a specialty that we offer in the future, it is not a method that we focus on currently.

Accurate bookkeeping gives you the power as a business owner to make smart decisions and grow your business faster. Without accurate bookkeeping, how do you know how much you’re making, spending, and profiting each month? That can lead to anxiety, over exorbitant spending, and detriment for your business.

Bookkeeping and accounting are both essential parts of running a successful business. Bookkeeping is the daily, weekly, and monthly finance activities to keep your finances up to date. This includes, but is not limited to recording and categorizing transactions and creating a monthly income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Bookkeeping gives you a glimpse into the performance of your business so that you can make smart, data driven decisions. On the other hand, Accounting is mainly tax related work for your business. Think of your year end taxes, sales tax work, and other tax related work that happens at the end of each year.