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White label bookkeeping services

White label bookkeeping for CPAs, CFOs, & Consultants

Offer your clients a top-notch monthly bookkeeping service through our White Label program. Stay focused on what you do best.

Trusted by small business owners

6 Figure Brand

"I just worked with AccountsBalance to sort out my books for 2021. What I really appreciated from them is their guidance."
Dustin Newman
Web Smart Publishing

7 Figure Brand

"The entire AccountsBalance team have been a pleasure to work with. Having clarity on my numbers has been immensely valuable!"
Alex Schlinsky
Prospecting On Demand

8 Figure Brand

"We struggled to find bookkeepers that truly understood our business. AccountsBalance has been all of that and more. Best in the business."
Neils Olson
Trio Beauty

Offer bookkeeping without headaches

Doing monthly bookkeeping on top of CPA, CFO, & Consultancy services can be a hassle. Our white label bookkeeping service is here to help!

Why CPAs & CFOs choose us

Digital expertise

If your clients are agencies, SAAS, & online companies, we're a perfect fit. Our entire White Label bookkeeping team specializes in digital businesses.

Simple, process-driven, and reliable

We're process people that like to keep things simple. We'll set up a custom process for your clients so they feel taken care of & nothing is confusing.

Fast support & proactive

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We respond in 1 business day, we provide weekly updates for Catch Up work, and we'll always keep in close touch with you.

On time & accurate bookkeeping

Above all else, we ensure our White Label bookkeeping is accurate and on-time. We want to make you look good in the eyes of your clients.

White label bookkeeping made simple

1/ Consultation Call

We'll talk about how the White Label program works, a revenue-share model, pricing clients, & everything in between.

2/ Build a Landing Page Tg

We'll help create a landing page for the white label bookkeeping services so you have somewhere to send potential clients.

3/ Start Pricing Clients

As clients show interest, we'll provide them a custom pricing quote. You can build it into your prices or they can pay us separately.

4/ Integration Process

We'll integrate clients by getting all of their banks, marketplaces, processors, etc. linked to QBO or Xero. A streamlined process.

5/ Catch Up & Clean Up Work

If needed, we'll complete Catch Up & Clean Up work for our clients. This will get their books up to date and accurate for the future.

6/ Monthly Bookkeeping

We'll deliver their financial statements by the 15th of each month. They'll have a dedicated Bookkeeper & support from us.

7/ Get Paid Monthly

Based on our agreement, we'll collect payment monthly or you will. We'll then divvy up the revenue share to each other.

8/ Scale & Grow

As you add more clients, we'll take on their monthly bookkeeping work so that both of us grow sales and profits together.

Need help with eCommerce companies?

We also own, a monthly bookkeeping service that caters to eCommerce companies. Reach out here to start the conversation!

One time upfront cost

Clean Up and Catch Up

We can help your clients with any Catch Up and Clean Up work that they have for their monthly bookkeeping. Our white label bookkeeping services will get your clients fully caught and cleaned up so we can then easily handle their monthly bookkeeping.

Starts at $299/month

Top-notch monthly bookkeeping

With our white label bookkeeping service, we'll get all of your clients' banks, payment processors, credit cards, & other accounts integrated into their bookkeeping software (Quickbooks Online or Xero) so that it's plug and play, no matter where their current books are at.

By the 15th of every month, we'll send your clients their monthly financials (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow Statement) so they can make smart decisions while growing their business.

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*Note: As you refer more clients, we'll increase your referral earnings %. You can keep the additional earnings or pass it along to your clients.

Client experience

Easy-to-use client portal

Your clients will be able to log in to a secure, custom portal to access their Pricing Quote, upload documents, & receive monthly financial statements from their dedicated Bookkeeper.

We're constantly working to make the client portal an easier-to-use experience so that clients can quickly access their financial reports & stay up to date with how their business is performing.

Why trust us?

Built by business owners...just like you

AccountsBalance was founded by Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan in 2022 after discovering a huge need for a simple bookkeeping service specifically for online businesses. Nathan and Connor are longtime entrepreneurs who have sold over $50 million online so they understand the digital space. They also built the freelance marketplace, FreeUp, to 8 figures (acquired in 2019 by The HOTH). With AccountsBalance, they’re on a mission to change the way bookkeeping is offered to digital companies.

Who we help

Online companies

AccountsBalance is hyper focused on helping businesses within the digital industry with yearly sales between $500,000 to $25 million. Our ideal client is an agency, SAAS company, consultancy, coaching business, & online service companies.

AccountsBalance's sister company, EcomBalance, also caters to similar businesses, but specific to eCommerce companies -- selling on Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, & many other eCommerce channels.

We work with all of your favorite apps

We easily integrate with all of your apps so everything's in one place.

Join the White Label Program

We're aiming to help 1,000s with their monthly bookkeeping -- if we can help you and your clients, we'd love the opportunity to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

AccountsBalance is built by entrepreneurs, not bookkeepers, although we have a great Bookkeeping team. Connor Gillivan and Nathan Hirsch sold over $25 million on Amazon before building and selling a freelance marketplace, FreeUp. We have been in the space for 15+ years building strong bookkeeping processes in our businesses. Strong financials helped us scale and eventually exit FreeUp.

We are great at hiring bookkeepers and we bring an entrepreneurial mentality to bookkeeping. We speak to entrepreneurs and know what entrepreneurs (specifically sellers) want in a monthly bookkeeping service. We are also process junkies. Our focus is strong and efficient processes from pricing to integration to getting you financials you can actually understand and make decisions on.

Our service is straightforward. We charge clients on the first of the month and you get their books to them by the 15th. They get an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement each month along with any findings and recommendations. We work out of Quickbooks Online or Xero.

We offer cash basis bookkeeping. If you are an eCommerce seller, you can visit our sister company, EcomBalance, where we offer sales and COGS on an accrual basis, but everything else on cash.

  1. Keep their business and personal expenses separate. We don’t work with clients that continue to intermingle personal and business.
  2. Fill out our pricing form and send us access to their current books.
  3. Get a quote, get us the access we need, and get started.
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