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Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance 2023 Comparison


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Bookkeeper 360 vs

Bookkeeping is a necessary part of successfully managing your business, but it can be challenging to find the time when faced with all the other responsibilities you have to balance. Utilizing a bookkeeping service can be a beneficial way to address your financials while also freeing up your ability to expand your business. Choosing the right bookkeeping service greatly depends on both your industry and what expectations you have for your bookkeeper. With that in mind, let’s compare the offerings from Bookkeeper 360 and AccountsBalance to give you a better understanding of what each offers, thus allowing you to make the best-informed choice for your company.


Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance 2023 Comparison

Bookkeeper 360 is an accounting service geared toward startups and established businesses, offering a full complement of accounting services. In addition to bookkeeping services, Bookkeeping 360 offers back-office activities, including invoicing, bill payment, inventory management, and time-entry tracking. Small businesses can also use Bookkeeping 360 to handle payroll, HR services, tax advisory, and tax filing, as well as CFO advisory functions. With Bookkeeper 360, a small business can have the benefit of a complete accounting department without the added administrative costs for their overhead.

AccountsBalance offers a bookkeeping service geared towards SAAS, small businesses, coaches, course owners, online businesses, and agencies. With dedicated bookkeepers, AccountsBalance provides services based on what your business needs. Your dedicated online bookkeeper gathers all your payment processors, bank accounts, and credit cards integrated into Quickbooks Online or Xero, then sends financial statements to you by the 15th of each month. Powered by proven processes, your dedicated bookkeeper is easy to communicate with and provides quality support as your business grows.


Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance Overview

To gain a better understanding of each service, we have broken down what they offer and the basic pricing for what Bookkeeper 360 and AccountsBalance offer.


Bookkeeper 360
Who’s It Best For? Small businesses and startups
SAAS, agencies, & service providers.
Monthly Pricing Starts at $399 a month based upon the number of monthly transactions
Starts at $299/mo
Clean Up Services Yes, one time cost.
Yes, one time cost.
Catch Up Services Yes, one time cost.
Yes, one time cost.
Account Reconciliation Yes, monthly. Yes, monthly.
AR & AP Work Yes Not at this time.
Tax Services Yes Not at this time.
CFO Services Yes Not at this time.
Dedicated Bookkeeper Yes Yes
Reviews 3.3 Stars 5 stars
Website Visit Visit


Who Should Use Bookkeeper 360 and AccountsBalance? 

Bookkeeper 360 is geared towards startups and small businesses looking to enjoy the benefits of a full accounting department cost-effectively and with quality processes and efficiencies. Your dedicated bookkeeper works with Bookkeeper 360 CFOs, CPAs, and tax pros to give you more time to focus on your business. Their 100% US-based team ensures your books are always up to date. They also use accrual basis accounting to help you understand how your business is truly performing.

AccountsBalance provides bookkeeping services geared to fit small businesses, SAAS, online businesses, and agencies. Each dedicated bookkeeper learns about your business, then works with you to categorize your expenses correctly while also keeping your financials updated. Additionally, their team has proven processes geared towards online businesses, SAAS, and agencies, thus providing the best-quality bookkeeping services even as your business expands.


Bookkeeper 360 vs


Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance Pricing

While each offers a variety of services and options, it is important to understand how the options you choose impact your pricing. Below, we break down how each service prices its various options to determine what combination could best fit your needs and budget.

Bookkeeper 360
Monthly Pricing Starts at $399/mo. Based upon number of monthly transactions.
Starts at $299/mo. Based on size and complexity of business.
Catch Up Work Get a pricing quote w/in 1 business day.
Get a pricing quote w/in 1 business day.
Clean Up Work Get a pricing quote w/in 1 business day.
Get a pricing quote w/in 1 business day.
Set Up Based upon your business
$499 for new QBO or Xero account
Invoicing Starts at $150 per month Not at this time.
AP & AR Based upon your business Not at this time.
Tax Services Starting at $800 per filing Not at this time.
Free Trial No
Yes, 1st month free.
Pricing Details Bookkeeping360 Pricing


Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance Features

Choosing the best bookkeeping service for your business involves understanding what they offer that fits your needs now and into the future. For many small businesses, their bookkeeping service should have quality offerings for their business but allow them to expand as their market share increases. With that in mind, here are a few of the critical features offered by these services.

Bookkeeper 360
Dedicated Bookkeeper Yes Yes
Controller Oversight Yes Yes
Connect Bank Accounts Yes Yes
Categorize Transactions Yes Yes
Pay Bills Yes Not at this time.
Invoice Customers Yes Not at this time.
Account Reconciliation Yes Yes
Tax Consulting Yes Not at this time.
Tax Filing Yes Not at this time.
CFO Services Yes Not at this time.
Income Statement Yes Yes
Balance Sheet Yes Yes
Cash Flow Statement Yes Yes
Reports Delivered By 15th Monthly 15th monthly
Catch Up Services Yes, for a fixed cost.
Yes, for fixed cost.
Clean Up Services Yes, for a fixed cost.
Yes, for fixed cost.
Payroll Services Yes Not at this time.
International Support Yes Yes
Support Yes, responses in 1 biz day
Yes, responses in 1 biz day


Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance Software 

Both AccountsBalance and Bookkeeper360 are compatible with Quickbooks Online and Xero. If you are utilizing another software option for your bookkeeping, then you will need to have your data transitioned to one of these software options, which can potentially increase the cost of your setup.


Bookkeeper 360 vs AccountsBalance Customer Support

Both services offer a wide range of customer support and quick responses from a dedicated bookkeeper. Depending on your monthly service plan, your business may also have the added benefit of weekly meetings with your bookkeeper in addition to support for questions or issues.


Bookkeeper 360
Unlimited Support Yes Yes
Community Support Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Text Support Yes Yes
Live Chat Support Yes Not at this time
Phone Support Yes Yes
Searchable Knowledgebase
Yes, on their blog.
Yes, on their blog.
Online Help Resources Yes, on their blog and FAQs
Yes, on their blog.
Responses Within 1 business day 1 business day


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Which is better for online businesses? 

AccountsBalance specializes in working with online businesses, whereas Bookkeeping360 offers options geared toward a business with staff and other accounting services.


2. What should I consider when hiring a bookkeeper online? 

First, list the needs of your business, including what tasks you wish to have your bookkeeper perform. Second, does the bookkeeper have the ability to grow with your business? Finally, you should look for a bookkeeper that is familiar with your industry.


3. What’s different between a freelance bookkeeper and these bookkeeping companies?

Bookkeeping companies provide a team that can execute a variety of services, along with having specialization in multiple industries, thus allowing them to grow with your company. Freelance bookkeepers can offer personalized services, but they are limited in what they can offer to a business, especially as it expands.


4. How much does an online bookkeeping cost on average? 

Online bookkeeping can average around $300 a month, but this cost can vary depending on the services and options your business uses and how many transactions you have per month.


What Is AccountsBalance?


Bench vs AccountsBalance


AccountsBalance is a monthly bookkeeping service specialized for agencies & SAAS companies.

We take monthly bookkeeping off your plate and deliver you your financial statements by the 15th or 20th of each month.

You’ll have your Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement ready for analysis each month so you and your business partners can make better business decisions.

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And here’s some free resources:


In Summary

Owning a business provides you with a level of financial freedom, but it also requires a great deal of administrative and financial work. By opting to hire a bookkeeping service, your business has the skills and experience available to address your financial organization. Bookkeeping360 and AccountsBalance both offer bookkeeping services, but depending on the long-term needs of your company, Bookkeeping360 can offer accounting options to address payroll, invoicing, bill pay, and more. AccountsBalance is geared toward online businesses, providing the latest processes to guarantee your financials are accurate, so you can make the best decisions for your company. To determine the right fit for your business, it is important to determine your needs and which bookkeeping service meets most of them through a comparison of critical offerings.


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